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  • Vinten Vision Ped Plus

Vinten Vision Ped Plus

SKU: V3951-0001
    • The Vision Ped Plus is ideal for all small production studios and applications where simplicity of operation, portability and reliability are key requirements.
    • The pedestal has an integral manual pump and an inlet valve for use with an external supply, making Perfect Balance easy to achieve.
    • Vision Ped Plus includes a pressure gauge for clear and reliable set-up and the detachable skid allows the pedestal to be simply broken down into two sections for easy storage and transportation.
    • With a maximum payload of 30 kg,a height range of 75 cm to 160 cm and an on-shot stroke of 41 cm
    • Vision Ped Plus is a highly functional and competitive pedestal; the perfect solution for situations where professional framing and creative movement is essential.
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