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  • Sony PVM-X2400 4K HDR Trimaster High-Grade Picture Monitor (24")
  • AC Power Cord

Sony PVM-X2400 4K LCD Monitor

SKU: PVM-X2400
    • The 24" Sony PVM-X2400 4K HDR Trimaster High-Grade Picture Monitor is an addition to Sony's Grade 2 monitor hierarchy, and it is also designed to replicate the color space of Grade 1 BVM-series monitors, including the popular Trimaster BVM-HX310 color grading master monitor.
    • TRIMASTER realised Accurate colour reproduction, Precise imaging and Quality Picture Consistency
    • Dynamic Contrast Drive and Black Detail High/Mid/Low
    • The PVM-X2400 features a UHD 4K display resolution and supports 4K and HD signals via four SDI inputs and an HDMI input. It also allows you to create a quad-view of four HD signals for comparison and other purposes. Each signal can have a different EOTF and different LUT applied.
    • An HDR workflow is supported by a 1000 cd/m² brightness and wide color gamut. A wide range of supported HDR EOTFs include 2.4 (HDR), ITU-R BT.2100 (HLG), SMPTE ST2084, S-Log3, and S-Log3 (Live HDR). Other features include built-in scopes, zoom mode, VPID support, and more
    • Both waveform monitor and vector scope can simultaneously be displayed with scales for either HDR or SDR
    • Unique quad view display with User 3D LUT
    • Screen Size: 24 inch
    • Video Resolution: 4K
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Panel Type: LCD
    • Inputs: HDMI,RJ-45.SDI,XLR
    • Outputs: SDI
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