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What's in the box


  • Tripod flowtech® 100 MS with rubber feet and carrying handle

  • Padded bag flowtech®75

  • Cine 20 Fluid Head (100mm bowl)


Sachtler System Cine 20 flowtech100 MS

SKU: 1911-FTMS
    • Bowl -100 mm
    • Payload range 2-22 kg
    •  Counterbalance steps 16 steps + Boost Button
    •  Drag setting 7+0
    • Head weight 4.1 kg
    • Camera fitting-Sideload
    • Sliding range 150 mm / 5.9 in
    • Tilt range +90°/-80°
    •  Temperature range -40° to +60°C 
    • High torsional stability prevents the legs from twisting when panning your head
    • Brake levers at the top of the tripod quickly release all three sections simultaneously, enabling speedy setups
    • Flatter, ergonomic leg design for more comfortable over-the-shoulder carrying
    • A flexible hinge design enables high and low angles
    • The included mid-level spreader provides additional stability while enabling individual leg adjustment on uneven or stepped surfaces
    • Dual-spiked feet tripod includes quick release rubber feet for delicate or slippery surfaces
    • Magnetic locks snap the legs together for transport, but easily release for setup
    • Includes a carry handle for one-handed transportation
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