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What's in the box


  • Datavideo RMC-300A
  • Power supply

Datavideo RMC-300A Multi-Camera IP Remote Controller

    • Datavideo RMC-300A is a multi-functional Multi-camera Controller.
    • It is able to control up to 24 PTZ and block cameras by Ethernet or up to 8 cameras by serial port RS- 422 transmission.
    • The RMC-300A is versatile to control Datavideo PTZ cameras and Robotic Head to set up the parameters via RS-422 or DVIP, and also capable of controlling Datavideo recorder and switcher up to 12 channels.
    • With the combination of friendly user interface on 5” panel and hardware buttons, RMC-300A enable users to manage heavy EFP workflow without haste.
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