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What's in the box


  • Litepanel Astra 3X Bi Colour
  • Power supply


Litepanels Astra 3X Bi Colour

SKU: 935-2023
    • Bright, color-accurate white light
    • Automatically flicker-free at any frame rate
    • Passive cooling
    • Fully-adjustable Daylight and Tungsten color temperature
    • High CRI output
    • AC and optional battery power
    • 55W Daylight (3200K – 5600K) LED Panel
    • CRI/TLCI 95 (Daylight) 98 (Tungsten)
    • Flicker-free at any frame rate – no special adjustments required
    • 0-100% Smooth dimming
    • Optional Bluetooth, and DMX modules (wireless or wired)
    • Master/Replica configuration via XLR for single control of multiple fixtures
    • Passive cooling for silent operation
    • 46° Beam Angle
    • Multi-voltage 100-240VAC; DC Input 13V to 24V
      Optional Gold Mount & V-Mount battery plates
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