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What's in the box


  • Libec DL-5RB Dolly



Libec DL-5RB Dolly

    • Carrying-handle structure in the center section
    • 7.3" Sliding range
    • 45kg payload
    • 4" Casters
    • Foot-activated lock/release pedals
    • Allows you to make dolly shots in any direction
    • Folds together for easy storage and transport
    • Compatible with select Vinten, Sachtler, and Manfrotto tripods: Ace 75/2 D/CF Sachtler tripods3819-3, V3822-0001, 3766-3, 3821-3, 3772-3, 3773-3, and 3884-3 Vinten tripods545B, 545GB, 546B, and 546GB Manfrotto tripods
    • Weight :4kg
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