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  • Gentree G-B100/195W 15A V-MOUNT BATTERY  (195Wh)

Gentree G-B100/195W 15A V-MOUNT BATTERY (195Wh)

SKU: G-B100/195W 15A
    • Biggest power min. 180W can be supplied. ( 15A x 12V = 180W)It is the max. power through current standard v mount pin on the market.
    • Min. 180W will give you relief on your mind when you use various equipment during shooting.
    • D-tap has the biggest power also, 12A  144W.
    • These days multi D-tap is getting more and more popular, so this 144W D-tap will be enough.
    • Shock-proof, Short-proof, Lowest impedance.
    • Cell chemistry    Li-ion
    • Norminal voltage DC 14.4V
    • Capacity    13.5Ah  (195Wh) 
    • Charge voltage    16.8V
    • Charge current    Max. 6A
    • Min. discharge power    15A  (180W) 
    • D-Tap    Output norminal voltage : 14.4V
    • Min. discharge power  : 12A  (144W) 
    • USB    Output voltage : DC 5.0V
    • Max. load : 2.3A
    • Auto power off : 30 minutes after no use
    • End voltage    12V
    • Battery protection circuit    Over-charge, Over-discharge, Over-current ( Cell and Pack separately), Over-temperature, Reverse charge
      Ambient temperature    To charge : 10°C ~ 30°C (32°F ~ 104°F recommended) 
      To discharge : -20°C ~ 50°C ( -4°F ~ 122°F), 10°C ~ 40°C (50°F ~104°F recommended)
      To store : `-20°C ~ 40°C  (-4°F ~ 104°F) (<85% RH)  (less than 1 month) 
    • Dimension    97(W) x 146(H) x 59(D) mm
    • Weight    approx. 1070g 
    • Cable-free design minimizes heat, prolonging battery life
    • 5-LED gauge displays remaining power
    • Two D-Tap ports and one USB port for powering accessories
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