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  • Gentree G-B100/390W 26A V-MOUNT BATTERY

Gentree G-B100/ 390Wh 26A V Mount Battery(390Wh)

SKU: G-B100/390W 26A
    • This battery has 26A Min.312W.Biggest power in the world, which was born for ALEXA LF and Skypanel S60 full power working solution and other high power lightings.
    •  You can use only 1 pc of 14.4V battery for ALEXA LF and 2 pcs of batteries for Skypanel S60 and  other high power lightings.
    •  G-P22ALF plate is needed for ALEXA LF with this 1 pc of battery.
    •  G-PB48  power distributor is needed for Skypanel S60 with 2pcs of it.
    •  Shock-proof, Short-proof, Lowest impedance.
    • DC 14.4V
    • Capacity    27.2Ah  (390Wh)
    •  Charge voltage    16.8V
    • Charge current    Max. 6A
    • Min. discharge power    26A  ( 390W)
    • D-Tap    Output nominal voltage : 14.4V
    • Min. Discharge power :12A  (144W) 
    • USB    Output voltage : DC 5.0V
    • Max. load : 2.3A
    • Auto power off : 30 minutes after no use
    • Dimension    97(W) x 146(H) x 97(D)mm
    • Weight    approx. 2,000g 
    • Cable-free design minimizes heat, prolonging battery life
    • 5-LED gauge displays remaining power
    • Two D-Tap ports and one USB port for powering accessories
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