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  • Blackmagic Multiview 16


Blackmagic Multiview 16

    • MultiView 16 is perfect for larger installations because it has 16 independent 6G-SDI inputs so you can connect any combination of SD, HD or Ultra HD sources and monitor them all simultaneously on a single display!
    • Router style controls on the front panel, along with the LCD and spin knob, let you adjust settings, route sources to different views, add overlays and more.
    • Output can be set to a 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 grid, and you can even SOLO any source full screen!
    • 16x 6G-SDI Inputs with Loop Outputs
    • 4x SDI & 1x HDMI MultiView Outputs
    • Supports SD, HD, Ultra HD 4K, DCI 4K
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