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What's in the box


  • Datvideo HDR-1 H.264 Player/Recorder
  • Power Supply

Datvideo HDR-1 H.264 Player/Recorder

    • Using H.264 and AAC compression, the HDR-1 records video files in 1080p which are instantly ready to upload to your website or social media outlets, such as Facebook, Youtube, and more. Simply record your show, then connect your USB drive to a computer, and start uploading.
    • Capture HD video up to 1080p30
    • Video pass-through
    • Records and plays back standard MP4 files (H.264+AAC)
    • Standard USB flash drives for recording media
    • Does not require a PC for operation
    • 3-20 Mbps bit-rate options (resolution dependent)
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    Click here - For full Datavideo Product Guide

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